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We give shows the opportunity to learn, network and grow with other experienced podcasts – behind closed doors. Oh, and it’s FREE!

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Podder Connect Membership Benefts.

We know podcast growth doesn’t come from a single source. But don't worry we got you covered.


Receive Vetted Guest Interview Proposals

You will occasionally get guest interview requests only from curated prospects by us. You’ll be able to dive deep into their brilliant minds and deliver awesome content to your listeners.

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Get Sponsorship Offers

Once you sign up for Podder, we'll add you to our database. We'll send you sponsorship offers when there are some relevant for you.

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Exclusive Deals on Tools

Get exclusive access to discounts on premium tools. Save hundreds on software and enhance your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Podder Connect free to use?

Yes, PodderConnect is free to use!

My show is not in English. Can I still use Podder Connect?

Yes. Current users of Podder Connect are English and Spanish speaking. New European languages are coming soon as well.

Does my show qualify for Podder Connect?

As long as you have a podcast you are good to go with Podder! We give equal chance to shows of all sizes. We believe everyone has a unique voice that must be heard.

What if I don't like Podder Connect?

Podder is free to use so and does not lock you in with exclusivity contracts. Therefore, by registering for Podder you cannot lose but only gain. However, if you don’t like us for any reason we would like to hear your feedback so we can improve for the future! We would appreciate it if you can shoot us an email at

I love Podder Connect! Can I partner?

We would love to! Shoot us an email at and we’ll get back to you