Connecting Brands to Audiences Through Podcasts

Using Audios Unique Ability of Allowing Creators to Bond with their Listeners on a Deeper Level to Connect Real Brands to Audiences Through Meaningful Collaborations.

Why Podder?

We understand the Power of Audio and the value of Podcasts and their Audiences, and the power of meaningful collaborations on Native & Host-Read ads.

Save hours
and days!

Choose between all podcasts
in the world!


Podder is the Smart Platform that helps you to:

Navigate the big world of podcast advertising

By helping you choose sponsorship type, which podcasts to work with and for how long. And we do this regardless of whether you have a budget of 1 or 1.000.000!

Find the best podcast

For you and your brand based on podcast subject, hosts, guests and listener demographics. Never have you had so much control over who you are talking to!

No prior experience or expensive middlemen

With Podder, setting up, monitoring, optimising and benefiting from Podcast Advertising is as easy as 1.2.3!

Do it all from one place!

Podder provides the podcasts, the interface in which to build and execute campaigns, collaborating with audio creators, monitoring, tracking and optimising without ever having to leave! Talk about easy!

Who is Podder for?

Everyone! We work with everything from Fintech companies to courses to agencies to B2B SaaS, etc, and they all find value in Podcast advertising.

The type of service/product and company requires drastically different ways of advertising, but in all cases, podcast ads allow for a model that fits you.

Do you want to hit a lot of people quickly? Do you want to take a very select demographic on a journey with your product? Or anything inbetween? Podder´s got you covered!

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