It's like Google Analytics, but for Podcasts.

Leverage your shows' insights to identify growth opportunities, better serve listeners, grow ad revenue, improve operations and more.

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Grow podcasts with confidence.

Visualized data for you to review actionable insights.


Evolutionary data across all your shows.

Spot trends, find opportunities and understand your progress with evolutionary data for all your metrics.

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Compelling data to show advertisers.

Close advertising deals with compelling data from your shows and audiences.

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Reliable data insights to make wise business moves.

Through more than 2M+ data points we enable shows to take informed actions that result in positive business outcomes. Confidently pursue your business objectives.

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“Understanding what my audience values is crucial for crafting my episodes, and it helps me balance my own creative preferences with material that keeps listeners engaged and attracts new followers and subscribers.”

Maya Prohovnik

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* We recommend shows to have 1,000+ monthly streams for the best results.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Podder Insights?

Podder insights is like Google Analytics, but for podcasts. Knowing your podcasts audience help you craft your perfect media kit and secure more ads. With Podder Insights you will be able to see how you rank in different categories & countries, review analysis, and in-depth demographics. You'll know if you audience owns a house, a car or if they have children, what is their income, what is there level of tech-savviness and much more.

How does Podder Insights work?

Once you sign up for Podder you will have to add a prefix to your RSS feed. That's all. You'll have instant data about your ranking and reviews. However, for the in-depth demographics you will need to wait for streams to accumulate after adding the prefix.

What is the CPM charge?

On top of your subscription you will be charged with CPM (cost-per-mile) or in other other words for 1,000 streams on your show you will be charged anywhere between $1,50 - $2.00 depending on your plan with Podder.

Is my data safe?

We take your data security very seriously. Our servers are housed in a first‑class, ISO 27001 and PCI DSS certified data center. We guarantee that our applications are always up to date and all the latest security patches have been installed. We also use SSL encryption for all our subscription plans.

I have another question.

We'd love to answer any question! Shoot us an email at hello@podderapp.com and we'll get back to you.