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PodderConnect gives you the chance to learn, network and grow with other experienced podcasts – behind closed doors. Oh, and it‘s free! The BETA is just around the corner!

  • Guest spot on other podcasts as a co-host or interviewee.
  • Cross promote with other podcasts with inserted ads.
  • Partner with podcasts & share posts on their social media.
  • Build strategic partnerships to discover new audiences.

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You can learn without barriers & essentially cheat your way to the top.


Grow your business with the help from experienced podcasters.


You can expand your business & work with others on your level.

Why to Collaborate With Other Podcasters?

Quality Content

Connect with interesting hosts from your niche and hear their story, perspective and opinions on various topics to fresh up your content.

Reach New Audiences

Through collaboration, you also get to tap into new podcast and social media audience pools of different shows.

Increase Credibility

The more you engage in collaborations, the more credible you’ll get in your niche. In no time you will become a recognized authority.

Self Promotion

As a guest on another podcast take the opportunity to promote yourself, your brand and podcast.

Professional Content

Collaborating with guests who are actually serious about podcasting means you will produce professional content with zero to none efforts.


You can connect with like-minded podcast creators that in turn creates more opportunities for you.

Find Your Growth Partner

Regardless of what your show is about, there are fellow podcasters out there looking to grow as well.

The easiest and yet very effective way to approach podcast collaboration is through simple shout-outs during the episode. You and your growth partner can simply “shout-out” one another by saying: “If you love our show, then you will definitely like X podcast, so go check them out!”. Of course, feel free yo script your own copies for the promotion swap.
Ad Swap

Straightforward as it gets. Simply script out an ad for your podcast and let your growth partner insert it in their show. This is one of the simplest and most scalable ways to collaborate with other podcasters.

Be a Guest

This is the most time-consuming, however,  the most effective way to collaborate with other shows. Being a guest on a podcast allows you to speak directly to a brand new audience! Plus, it will enable you to break from the regular setting of your podcast and talk about your work in a new format.

Guest Content

One of the many ways to go about this collaboration is by dropping one of your entire episodes in your growth partner’s show and vice versa. The host can introduce the guest and explain how they’ll be listening to a different type of episode where the guest will be basically taking over the podcast. In the end, tie the episode by encouraging them to head over to the guest’s podcast and social handles to listen more from them.

How Does It Work?



Create an account and add more information about you and your work.


Browse Profiles

Browse through your matches and get in touch with podcasts in your niche.



Contact podcasts with our in-app messaging tool and start collaborating.

free to use

More PodderConnect Membership Benefits.

We know podcast growth doesn’t come from a single source. That’s why here at Podder we are developing a few more features. Every once in a while you will hear from us with various growth opportunities. We’ll be sending you proposals for sponsorship, guest interviews from influencers, but also you’ll get discounts on tools & equipment and more.

Receive Vetted Guest Interview Proposals.

Being a member of Podder means you will also get requests for guest interviews. Those requests come only from carefully curated leaders by us in their own niches. You’ll be able to dive deep into their brilliant minds and deliver awesome content to your listeners. 

Free World-Class Support.

Podder has world-class support staff that is well-trained and knowledgeable. They are ready to solve any problems that you might have but also to give advice on all kind of questions related to podcasting.

Access to Sponsorship Offers.

Once you login in your Podder account you will see a dashboard with open campaigns from advertisers looking to sponsor a podcast. You can browse through them and apply to the ones you are interested in. You’ll also receive email notifications once a new advertiser creates a campaign for a podcast in your niche.

Discounts on Podcasting Equipment.

Occaisionaly Podder members will receive discounts on different podcasting equipment like audio interfaces, headphones, mics, arm stands, cables and more.

Exclusive Deals to Podder Members.

Podder users also get exclusive access to discounts on premium tools. Those can save you hundreds on software and help you enhance and expand your business.

Grow a Podcast Business Tips & Tricks.

Our content team is working hard on providing Podder members with invaluable tips & tricks on growing a podcast business. This includes business & marketing strategies, news on important industry updates, technical advice, tips on deliver engaging content, and much more.

The Future of PodderConnect

PodderConnect Will Be More Than Just a Podcast Growth Tool.

Podder aims to become the most helpful tool for podcasters, not just for collaborations. It will soon be the only place where a podcaster goes to learn, network, grow and execute anything related to his business.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is PodderConnect?

Essentially, we are building a podcast data platform, and the first product we will release is PodderConnect – a service that matches different podcasters with similar subjects or audiences with each other, so they can collaborate for mutual growth.

Is PodderConnect free to use?

Yes, PodderConnect is free to use!

My show is not in English. Can I still use PodderConnect?

Yes. Current users of PodderConnect are English and Spanish speaking. New European languages are coming soon as well.

Does my show qualify for PodderConnect?

As long as you have a podcast you are good to go with Podder! We give equal chance to shows of all sizes. We believe everyone has a unique voice that must be heard.

What if I don't like PodderConnect?

Podder is free to use so and does not lock you in with exclusivity contracts. Therefore, by registering for Podder you cannot lose but only gain. However, if you don’t like us for any reason we would like to hear your feedback so we can improve for the future! We would appreciate it if you can shoot us an email at hello@podderapp.com.

I love PodderConnect? Can I partner?

We would love to! Shoot us an email at hello@podderapp.com and we’ll get back to you

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