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As the leading provider of podcast data, analytics, and audience insights, we power top networks, hosting platforms, and advertisers with the actionable intelligence needed to expand reach, boost engagement, and improve monetization. Let's explore how our exclusive datasets can accelerate your audience growth and revenue.

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Targeted Solutions for Podcasting Leaders

We offer customized analytics integration and audience intelligence tailored to different industry partners seeking to unlock growth.

Scale Smarter

Receive granular intelligence on listeners across all your shows to find similarities among audiences, optimize programming, attract advertisers, and make data-driven decisions around growth.

Comprehensive Analytics

White label our precise, visually intuitive audience dashboards directly into your hosting platform to differentiate offerings with an additional revenue driver.

Informed Ad Campaigns

Layer our enriched audience data into your ad targeting for smarter placements, enhanced attribution, and discovering additional relevant podcasts aligned to campaign goals.

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Powering podcasting leaders

See how top networks, platforms and advertisers leverage our data analytics to accelerate audience and revenue growth.

PodOps: Enhanced Hosting Plans
By layering our advanced audience analytics into their platform, PodOps empowers podcast creators with unprecedented visibility into listener demographics, engagement trends, and content performance. Users can leverage these granular insights to tailor shows for maximum impact and uncover specific opportunities for growth like improving retention or attracting sponsors. For PodOps, our accurate intelligence provides a substantial value-add as both a built-in feature and premium upgrade.
Sonnant: Smarter Ad Targeting
Sonnant integrates our verified audience data into their targeting to enable podcast advertisers much more informed placements and attribution analysis. Our exclusive age, gender, location, and interests intelligence allows campaign managers to align ads with precise listener segments for improved response rates. Sonnant also discovers viable new shows for clients using our always up-to-date podcast and episode metrics.
(Your Company): Enabled Innovation
By leveraging our unmatched, up-to-the-minute audience intelligence directly within your podcast solutions, we empower significant product enhancement, sales opportunities, and customer satisfaction. Our flexible API integrations scale to meet your needs while our dedicated support ensures you fully capitalize on data-driven decisions.

With our turnkey and customized analytics, podcast networks, hosting providers, and ad tech players accelerate audience expansion and revenue growth amid a rapidly evolving industry landscape.
Admanager.fm: Vetted Performance Data
Serving as an independent and trusted third-party source, our comprehensive analytics give admanager.fm clearly validated performance benchmarks on podcasts and episodes seeking brand sponsorships. This audited reporting builds greater confidence and interest from advertisers using their platform to evaluate potential podcast partnerships. Our expanding show coverage empowers their continued growth.
True Native Media: Holistic Growth Opportunities
Via our management dashboards, this podcast network can efficiently monitor listening trends, audience retention, download velocities, and content preferences across their entire portfolio. Our data readily surfaces individual show opportunities around partnerships, topic expansion, and advertising potential informed by areas exhibiting spikes in specific demos or geographies. As a result, True Native Media pursues bigger growth strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you help us enhance audience engagement?

Our granular, real-time data reveals the demographics, interests, behaviors and listening habits for both shows and their audiences. These exclusive insights allow partners to optimize content strategy, guest booking, advertising campaigns and more to boost listens, downloads, and loyalty.

What additional revenue streams can you unlock?

From bolstering advertising efficacy to discovering high-value cross-promotion opportunities, our intelligence powers new monetization channels. We also directly enable lucractive upsell offerings like white labeled analytics for hosting providers and screen-free analytics for podcast creators wanting richer insights.

Why partner with your company vs competitors?

As the analytics provider actually embedded in partner workflows collecting exclusive first-party data, the depth and diversity of our real listener intelligence has no rival. Backed by machine learning and human verification, it’s more accurate, actionable, and audited than any self-reported or sampled dataset.

How can we leverage your offerings at scale?

Our enterprise-grade solution allows access at the podcast network level for powerful audience analysis across hundreds of shows. Bulk processing and automation around enriching listings, generating insights, discovering guest opportunities and placing relevant advertisements means our intelligence seamlessly integrates.

What does onboarding & implementation involve?

Our flexible API integrations meet partners where they are. Light implementation begins delivering value in under two weeks without disrupting existing stacks. Dedicated Customer Success agents address queries, provide best practice guides, monitor usage trends, and guarantee your entire team can capitalize on audience intelligence.

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