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This is our team, a lot of smiling happy people who work hard to empower your shows.
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We're a team building the most actionable podcast data insights

We focus on understanding data and business objectives on podcast shows to inform hosts towards a geared success strategy.

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Antoine Mazurier
Christian Sorensen
Franco Riva
Natasha Moffer
Josh Fradley
Dimitar Petkov

What sets us apart

Well, for starters we are the only ones that actually deliver actionable podcast insights. Our team works closely with dozens of shows and podcast networks to create, shape, and sharpen the data insights we provide. Thus, we have constant input from stakeholders to ensure that the final product is not merely a dump of data, but a hard-working part of the podcasting business.

The story of how we got started With Podder

Podder was started by Christian with a mission in his mind.
The story starts a while ago... Strap in.

May 2021
Founder Christian Sørensen Wins All Startup Weekend, incubated by Demium, Barcelona. Raises a $100,000 pre-seed round and Podder was born!
August 2021
As Podder grows & sees early success Christian needs help!

He slides into the DMs of ex-colleagues and friends to ask for help. The real ones politely accept and the dream team was assembled.
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October 2021
Just a few months after the dream team came together Podder launches "Podder Interviews" - It's first service connecting PR agencies and Podcasts!
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December 2021
Podder gets nominated by GBO Startup Awards and ranks in the top 10!🎉
Christian Sorensen

“We were essentially the Podcasting PR police and called out over-priced agencies left, right and center. It was fun and all, but there bigger things we aim to achieve in the podcast world! It's time to move on.”

Christian, Founder and CEO of Podder

February 2022
The dream team made a big step towards connecting the podcasting world with the launch of it's newest & coolest tool "Podder Connect"!

Now podcast shows can easily collaborate with each other for mutual growth.
March 2022
300 Users - milestone.🚩

Podder Connect reaches 300 active users in it's first month.
Dimitar Petkov

“After this, we all took up golf on during the week and started eating fancy dinners at the local Country Club... Ha. This is not what happened at all. We suck at golf and love eating local tapas.”

Dimitar, CMO at Podder

April 2022
As Podder gets cozy with it's community, insights from shows, reveal the need for a more data-driven approach towards decisions in the podcasting world.

However, to do this the podcasting world first needs to get it's all-over-the place data in order...That's how a new mission for Podder was born.

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The dream team is now set to build a company that would collect, sort, and make sense of podcasting data. Our community needs to be able to identify growth opportunities, better serve customers, grow sales, and improve operations.

May 2022
Christian moves to Valencia to join the most prestigious startup incubator in Spain called Lanzadera. He convinces Antoine to join him.

The team is working hard and is determined to enlighten the podcasting world with data.

"Podder Insight" in the works...🚧

antoine giving presentation

That's Antoine showing fellow Lanzadera members and investors the cool things Podder does!

June 2022
🚀 POdder Insights launches
After 1 year in the podcasting world, Podder finally has the b*lls to launch it's flagship service - Podder Insights!

It's like Google Analytics, but for podcasts.
Christian Sorensen

Christian, CEO & Founder of Podder

“Podder Insights was an opportunity for us to build something that did not exist in the podcasting world before.

It allows podcast shows and networks to eliminate the guess work in decision making and make in fruitful business decisions.

Podder Insights will potentially solve a lot more issues in the future. But for now, our goal is simple, we want to build a kickass podcast analytics tool and assist our customers and Podder Connect community members to succeed.”

Podder supplies the podcasting world with several tools and "Podder Insights" being the flagship that everyone wants and needs.

Leverage your shows' data & make informed decisions for your business. Sign-up for Podder Insights now.
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