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Insights that drive success.

In-Depth Demographics

We provide you with all the fundamental demographics and an additional 13 in-depth demographics, including education level, home size, income, home ownership, savings, and more, to help you gain a better understanding of your listeners.

Audience Personality

We analyze the sentiment of your reviews using AI to identify your audience's personality traits based on "The Big 5" personality traits. Using this information, we offer personalized recommendations to help enhance your show.

Advanced Downloads Charts

We break down your performance by country, episodes, players, and devices, and provide you with easy-to-read comparison charts to track your progress week-over-week and month-over-month.

Buying Intent

Buying intent is data signals gathered from companies’ online research and activity that indicates their interest in buying specific products or services.

Weekly Email Reports

Our weekly email reports provide you with a high-level overview of your podcast's performance, highlighting key data changes for the past seven days. With this feature, you can stay up-to-date on your progress without having to log in to Podder regularly.

Custom Reporting

With our custom reporting feature, you can create personalized reports on your podcast's performance, using all available data in Podder. You can also share reports with advertisers through direct private links, which you can disable at any time for added security and control.

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Track the evolution of Apple Chart rankings per category & country over time. Spot new chart entrances and act upon it.


Curious what your podcast listeners are interested in? Our Interests chart will show you just that.

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Not only for Individual

We've got something for everyone in the podcasting world! Whether you're an advertiser podcast hosting provider, network, or an individual show, we've got you covered.

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Grow podcasts with confidence.

Visualized data for you to review actionable insights.


Evolutionary data across all your shows.

Spot trends, find opportunities and understand your progress with evolutionary data for all your metrics.

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Compelling data to show advertisers.

Close advertising deals with compelling data from your shows and audiences.


Reliable data insights to make wise business moves.

Through more than 2M+ data points we enable shows to take informed actions that result in positive business outcomes. Confidently pursue your business objectives.

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Persona Generation

Podder Insights will automatically generate a persona card of your audience to add to your media kit. It updates automatically with every download your show receives.

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Featured Quote

“Understanding what my audience values is crucial for crafting my episodes, and it helps me balance my own creative preferences with material that keeps listeners engaged and attracts new followers and subscribers.”

Maya Prohovnik

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30-day free trial. Upgrade or use Podder for free forever after trial.
  • Weekly email reports

  • AI generated audience persona

  • Audience demographics

  • Audience personality

  • Listeners location heatmap

  • Access to Podder Connect

  • Reviews tracking

  • Downloads tracking

  • Apple charts rankings tracking

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30-day free trial. Upgrade or use Podder for free forever after trial.
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  • Custom reporting tool

  • Audience buying intent

  • Audience interests

  • Priority support

  • Access to beta features

  • Advanced filtering (coming soon)

  • Audience explorer (coming soon)

  • Competitive intelligence (cooming soon)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know so you can use Podder like a pro!

What is Podder Insights?

Podder is a podcast analytics platform that focuses on "translating" data into actionable business insights. We are unique as we combine 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data with the help of smart algorithms. This allows us to provide the most in-depth insights about a podcast audience throughout the industry.

Our final product is not merely a dump of data, but a hard-working part of the podcasting business.

Is My Data Safe?

We take your data security very seriously. Our servers are housed in a first‑class, ISO 27001 and PCI DSS certified data center. We guarantee that our applications are always up to date and all the latest security patches have been installed. We also use SSL encryption for all our subscription plans.

I have Another question.

We'd love to answer any question! Shoot us an email at hello@podderapp.com and we'll get back to you.

How does Podder Insights Works?

Once you sign up for Podder you will have to add a prefix to your RSS feed.

We currently support 4 podcast hosting platforms. They all provide a way to add your prefix to your episode audio file URLs automatically. (Transistor, OmnyChannel, Megaphone, SounderFM)

Most hosting providers provide the functionality to a prefix even if they are not listed here. If you are using a hosting provider that doesn't allow you to add a prepend, please reach out to us (hello@podderapp.com). We'll contact the provider and help you with setting it up.*Currently we don't support Acast and Anchor.

Is Podder GDPR Compliant?

We are compliant with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), enforceable from 25th May 2018. Our services engage users from the European Union. As per GDPR requirements and standards, we are committed to keep our EU customers’ data protected and safeguard their rights.

They Trust us


Podder has been a game changer for us. We've been podcasting for about 5 years now. One of the biggest challenges has always been figuring out who our audience really was.

Podder gives us a GDPR compliant way to know who our listeners are. We now know what their interest are, their education level and all that nitty-gritty stuff that advertisers really want to know. This helps us a ton when we are out there trying to sell our show for ad spots.

So, if you are podcaster, you need to get Podder. It's an amazing tool, easy to use, the team is and the technology is honestly incredible.

Tim Stone

Co-founder @ Space Team Media


Things I Learned Last Night

I've been thoroughly impressed with the Podder team, in particular how quick they are to stand up features based on user input.

I worked with Podder for a few months as an informal advisor and think the product addresses a problem the podcast industry has struggled for years to solve: podcast creators don't know anything more than the geographic location of their listeners and this makes marketing podcasts incredibly challenging.

Podder makes reasonable assumptions about listeners based on their geographic location. This isn't perfect, of course, but it may very well be the best solution yet offered. 5-stars, well earned.

I would recommend any podcaster looking to gain insights about their listeners give Podder a chance.

Tanner Campbell

Philosophy Writer at Practical Philosophy


Practical Stoicism

I'm a podcast creator and publisher who has been in the business since the early days of podcasting. Data is crucial to me as the more I know about our listeners, the better content I can create and get ad sponsorship deals easier.

Podder has created a tool that gives me the data I need in a clear way so anyone on my team to understand. And it's more robust than anything else I've ever seen.

I really like the persona it creates for our listeners. It reinforces what we thought about our listeners but sometimes it also tells us we may be off on who we thought was listening.

I am so excited to see what Podder does next and can't recommend them enough to anyone who wants to truly understand their audience.

Matty Staudt

President @ Jam Street Media,


Dir. of Content Stitcher, VP Podcasting iHeartRadio.

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