5 Tips on How to Write a Good Podcast Guest Pitch

So, you’ve always wanted to be a guest on a Podcast and want to be invited? This process can seem daunting, especially as you must make the first move, but we’re here to guide you! Firstly, what is a Podcast pitch? According to Podcast clout, “A podcast pitch is a short email that tells someone why they should book you as a guest on his or her podcast.” (Podcastclout.com) Remember the point is to sell yourself and demonstrate your value and why they should want you on their Podcast.  

1. Know your direction

When we say this, we mean, what do you want to achieve from this experience? Are you trying to promote a new book, expand your audience base for your brand or even promote your own Podcast? Knowing the direction and exactly what you want can give you a better idea of the type of Podcast you need to go onto. For example, are you trying to appeal to more women, then perhaps a more female geared podcast with the same general topics as you may be your best option.  

2. Do your research

How can you expect to go onto a Podcast of which you know little to nothing about? Doing your research can help you pitch yourself effectively. This can help you make connections between you and the Podcast and why you’d be fit to speak to them! Listen to a few of their Podcasts, in the email it doesn’t hurt to mention some episodes! After this you are better able to write a pitch which is aligned with the Podcast and be more appealing to them!

3. What do you bring to the table?

This is where you sit down and question; Why should they have you on their Podcast? What value do you add? How could you contribute differently to the Podcast? You also want to ensure you are relevant to the Podcast and are speaking about topics the audience are interested in. This point doesn’t mean you can’t stretch a little and go outside the box, just if it is aligned with the Themes of the Podcast!

4. Write that email!

Be brief! Imagine how many emails this Podcast may receive weekly. You are bound to stand out when you say what you need to say in less lines! Remember the type of Podcast you are writing to. Try to adjust based on this. If it is formal, speak in a formal tone, if it’s casual, try to come across more charismatic and friendly. Mention any other Podcast episodes you have featured on (if any) and send them links so they can see more of what you would be like!  

5. Follow up

If you receive no feedback, after a while it doesn’t hurt to send them a follow up! They may have missed your email or forgotten about you. This shows you are excited and hopeful to be able to have a conversation with them. It shows your dedication and goals! Try not to send too much email and spam them! This may result in ruining your chances, send emails in moderation!

In the end a Podcast pitch is almost like your personal statement for a Podcast. Telling them why they want you and why you add value. Don’t rush it! Take your time to make sure the best possible outcome will happen for you! If you are rejected don’t be defeated, you may not have been a fit for the Podcast or maybe it’s not time yet. Usually these aren’t a hard no, and you could maybe try sending them an email soon! Good luck don’t sell yourself short, you’ve got a lot to offer!

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Natasha Moffet
December 14, 2021