7 Ways to be Clear & Interesting as a Podcast Host

Communicating effectively is one of the most important aspects of being a Podcast host, but what does that consist of? Being able to speak clearly is so important but how exactly do we do that? Keep reading for some more insight which can hopefully lead you to become more interesting to listen to!

1. Be Upbeat

Sounds simple right? The impact of using your voice in an enthusiastic manner can be lasting! Think about it, you don’t want to listen to someone who is quiet and dull, it can worsen your mood! But how can we do this? Practice, try hyping yourself up before the Podcast. Another good tip is to listen to energetic music or talk to someone about something you’re really passionate about to get you riled up! This is so important to sound engaging and more interactive. It also prevents people from zoning out.

2. Volume

Think about how loudly or quietly you’re speaking. A cool tip is to raise your voice slightly when you want to emphasise something or express passion, then going back to a normal volume for things that don’t quite stick out as much. Changing volumes makes you sound more interesting, no one wants to listen to a monotone voice!

3. Use pauses for effect

A pause can make quite the impact. Can you remember a time when someone was speaking, and you were zoned out? Once they paused for a second, you’d come back to reality and pay attention? Unexpected pauses are exciting, they’re unanticipated and stand out! Pauses can make the sentence you’re about to say more emphasized. Breaths can lead to anticipation which can allow them to really take in what you’re saying.

4. Tell stories

What’s more interesting than relating a topic or theme to a story or real-life experience? Stories are engaging and can help the audience feel more connected to the host. It can also make your podcast more personal which can lead to the development of a connection and relationship with the listeners. Stories are good in that once listeners hear the start, curiosity makes them want to continue listening to hear how it ends!

5. Smile when you speak

Of course, I don’t mean throughout the entire podcast, that would lead to sore facial muscles afterwards! Occasionally when you’re saying something funny or positive, it doesn’t hurt to smile while you speak. But what does this do? Well, it’s very clear when someone is speaking to tell if they are smiling or not, it makes you sound nice and more likeable!  

6. Use language everyone can understand

This may not apply if your podcast applies to a specific location/ group or topic. If your podcast is something that everyone can opt into, then make sure you are using language everyone can understand. For example, avoid idioms without explaining or if there is something you’re discussing which is specific to your location or culture, make sure to further explain to your listeners! These semantic barriers can make your listeners feel left out and kicked out of the conversation to some extent.

7. Know your theme

This makes sense, but make sure you know your topic well enough, especially if you’re the only one speaking on the Podcast. You don’t want to spend time thinking of what to say. When you know your topic thoroughly, you can be more confident and convey your opinions and messages a lot better!

There you have it! Try to apply these points to your next Podcast and hopefully this can help you sound more interesting and engaging to your listeners! Try not to put pressure on yourself with these points, it takes practice and time to put these into action. Remember not all these points are going to apply to your podcast specifically especially depending on the theme or vibe of your Podcast!

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Natasha Moffet
December 8, 2021