Get ready to be featured on a Podcast – Complete Checklist.

So, you’re going to feature on a Podcast soon. Well done! One step closer to world fame!

There are a TONNE of benefits to being on a podcast, like:

  • Brand awareness
  • Exposure to new audiences for both you and your business
  • Establishing yourself as an authority in your niche
  • And much more

But how do you fully take advantage of these? How can you ensure you are getting the most out of the interview?

Lucky you, no need to look any further, as I am going to be discussing simple and effective actions you can take to really get the most out of your interview.


Before going on the interview, you can begin establishing a relationship and connection. Engaging with the Podcast’s socials isn’t a bad idea. Whether it be Instagram, Facebook, twitter or LinkedIn, a simple comment or some likes on their recent posts shows enthusiasm. To their audiences, this will show a relationship, and may build up some anticipation for the Podcast! A good tip is to turn on notifications for when they post, this means you can be the first to comment, thus followers will see your comment as they see the post!

Your socials are also a good place to spread the news of this new opportunity! Posting on your social media that you’ll be participating will bring awareness to the people who may not already know. Tag the Podcast’s socials in the announcement, this will mean their followers will also be able to see it! Get people on board and excited about the Podcast before it airs!


Making people aware of your products/ brand is so important and is probably the main reason you are there, don’t forget to! Try to link it when you see a good opportunity! Afterwards, it isn’t a bad idea to then go onto your website and write under that product something like; “As seen on X podcast.” This can build understanding of the product. Ensure to talk about your work, brand, social media whatever it is you do, so that you can invite listeners to learn more about you. Be aware that you can be pushy, do it only when you see an opportunity to link it in, don’t overdo it!

Call to actions is necessary to get the listeners up and running to see what you want them to see! Whether that be directing them to your website, your product or your social medias, it’s vital! A good tip to ensure they follow your CTA is to create a sense of urgency for example, “discount code for the first 20 buyers”. Being persuasive is another method, like telling a story to convince them of having a look on your website for example “to find out how I reached 300K followers, look on my website.”


When the Podcast has aired, promote, promote, promote! Post on social networks and websites that it’s aired and add a link so that people can go directly to see it!

Once the Podcast has been aired, a good practice is to link it on your profiles, whether it be on your Instagram Bio, your LinkedIn Summary or even included in your email signature for example, “Curious about marketing, learn more on the X Podcast where I discuss this in more detail…”. Spread it all over your social media. This can make you sound more legitimate and can help people who come across your brand or product get to know you and the brand better! It gives strength to your profiles and trustworthiness.

Occasionally, to remind your existing followers or show new followers, it doesn’t hurt to post a few memes or clips from the show as a post. This can make it less overwhelming, and they can still take valuable information from a 30 second clip. Memes can make these more interactive and fun, they can make your brand more human and can even be a powerful marketing tool which can go viral!

Feature the Podcast anywhere you can. If you’re doing shows or events, it may be useful to include a QR code at the bottom of slides or posters, where your audience at the end of the event can watch or save for later. This can provide some more information about you and your brand that may not have been mentioned at the event. Saying something like “Want to learn more, scan this code to hear my conversation with X on X podcast.” The impact of this can be great, it can make you more likable, strengthen your points and further convince people of your products.

Again, after the Podcast has aired, interaction with posts is important! Especially if you’ve been tagged or if it’s a clip of the Podcast! Make sure you are relevant with their posts and easy to find when users see the post! Try to engage with the audience’s comments underneath any posts, to learn more about how you did and what you could do differently! When they post, it doesn’t hurt to say, “thank you for having me.” or something along those lines.

Ensure when the Podcast does post about the interview to tag your relevant accounts. Even if it’s just your Instagram account.  But make sure once they follow this channel, they can access and find everything from it like your LinkedIn account, email, website and so on! Once they arrive at these social media sites, interact with them!

An interview doesn’t have to be beneficial to just the Host and Podcast! You have the power to use it as a tool for your future marketing and branding! Remember, it isn’t a bad idea to consider all this before you go into a Podcast, as then you know what you may need to say so that you will have everything you’d want to use for future promotional purposes. We hope this was informative and will help you see why being a guest is so impactful for the future of your brand! Happy interviewing!

So, here´s a TLDR version for all you busy (or lazy!) folks:

How to promote your podcast:


  • Engage with the Podcast’s social media.
  • Post on your social media about being on the Podcast.


  • Spread awareness of your Brand/ Podcast and of your episode on the Podcast.
  • Have a CTA for the listeners of the Podcast.


  • Promote the Podcast
  • Link the episode to your Bios/ social media/ emails.
  • Post memes or clips of the episodes occasionally on social media.
  • Feature the Podcast anywhere you can like events.
  • Interact with their posts especially where you’ve been tagged.
  • Ensure the Podcast tags your relevant accounts so that you are easily found.
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Natasha Moffet
March 11, 2022