How to Install Podder's Prefix/Prepend?

What is Podder's prefix?

A prepend/prefix is a short URL that goes at the beginning of your RSS feed. It lets Podder track all download requests that come through your show's RSS feed. You should add it so Podder can track your episode downloads and generate valuable insights about your show. Without adding it you won't see any data for your show.

Our prepend/prefix is a short URL which needs to be added at the beginning of your RSS feed.

What is your unique prepend & how to add to your hosting provider?

  1. Login to Podder.
  2. Go to your "profile".
  3. Look for "Podder Prepend". - This is your unique prepend URL.


Which hosting providers support Podder?

Podder currently works seamlessly with 4 podcast hosting platforms. They all provide a way to add your prefix to your episode audio file URLs automatically:

- Transistor. See Video Tutorial

- Omnychannel

- Megaphone

- SounderFM

- BuzzSprout

- Many more..

Most major hosting providers support analytics prefixes even if they are not listed here. If you are using a hosting provider that doesn't allow you to add a prefix, please reach out to us ( We'll contact the provider and help you with setting it up.

*Currently we don't support Acast and Anchor.

Quick Add

One of the quickest ways to add your prefix is by sending an email to your hosting provider with the following:

*Make sure to add your unique ID in the template

Hi there,

My podcast is {name of show}.

I need to add the Analytics Prefix from to my podcast. The prefix is


Once you email your hosting provider, they will take care of installing it for you, and the Podder App will automatically start collecting data.

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Dimitar Petkov
July 20, 2022