What is a Podcast Cross Promotion?

A Podcast Cross Promotion is the perfect opportunity to share your podcast with a wider audience! We describe podcast cross-promotion as; “Forming partnerships with other podcasters to advertise each other’s shows. You let their audience know about your podcast, and they let your audience know their podcast. Done right, it creates a win-win situation for both of you.” This is a way to broadcast your podcast and introduce it to a larger audience.

Who should you do this with?

The best Podcast to do this with is a Podcast with similar themes and topics to yours. This means you can grow your existing audience base with more and similar listeners. Unless the Podcast you want to do a promotion with have a particular audience you are wanting to attract. For example, a gaming podcast which has a predominantly male listener base wants to start appealing to women. Remember that you both will be on each other’s Podcasts so will need to be prepared to speak on topics touched on their Podcast and should try to find a connection between their themes and yours! Research is critical in deciding which Podcast to promote yourself on! Take time to learn about their niche, their audience size and audience age/ gender. This allows you to ask important questions such as what am I wanting to achieve? Who am I targeting? What should I say to target these particular people? Take note, they will also be featuring on your Podcast, ensure you are choosing someone you are happy have on. You want to ensure the other host is someone that would appeal to your audience. You don’t want to be seen as a host who just has anyone on the show. You want someone who will bring something exciting to your episode and appeal to your listeners. Set out to have someone you’re proud to back up and that will keep your reputation!  

What is the benefit?

The list goes on and on for this!  

  • Doing Cross Promotional activities allows you to grow your listener base: The more coverage you and your podcast get, the more of an increase in listeners you are likely to get! When you get out there, it will be easier for people who aren’t looking for you to find you. You can even adjust who exactly you are appealing to when choosing the Podcast. Want to attract a certain age group? No problem, find a Podcast with that relevant age group!  
  • It makes for an interesting episode on your Podcast: Your listeners can hear someone else’s opinion. Podcast guests can add a different vibe to your episode, no two people are the same! It can be a change from hearing just your voice and can be exciting for your episode!
  • Can build up a network: In the process of doing this, you are creating a community and connections with different podcasters. Contacts are everything! There is so much to gain from connections such as ideas, help, tips, opportunities like cross promotion and more! They could even introduce you to more Podcasts which can help you grow more! It also makes you much more involved in the community, which can only be a good thing.
  • An easy and cost-effective marketing strategy: You are spending nothing as both parties have to gain from it! It is the easiest way to get out there as you’re doing what comes most naturally, hosting and speaking! It usually works quite well too!

Different types of Cross Promotional activity:

  • Trailer swaps: Create a small, simple trailer that the other Podcast can play during their episode. Include Call-to-actions so that their listeners can easily find you, such as a link!
  • Interview swaps: We’ve been discussing this the most for this article! Have another Podcaster come onto your show and vice- versa. It can be a more personal way to introduce yourself to the audience and help them get to know you!  
  • Do reviews: You can review the other Podcast on yours and they can do the same for you! This can be an authentic way for other hosts to introduce you to their audience. It can mean the people who do come to your Podcast are genuinely interested based on what the host has said about it!
  • Bigger events: So rather than a podcast interview or the methods listed above. Consider a live event with a larger combined audience. This would be a good opportunity for your combined audience to see how you both interact in person! Remember though, in this situation the topics spoken about should be relevant and interesting to the combined audience.
  • Use a Network: Online participation/ discussion groups are a great way to find potential Podcasts that may want to do trailer swaps! This can be especially useful if you are both the same size, as this means the process can be less intimidating and the chances of working together can be quite high!

If you still aren’t considering Cross Promotional activities, why not? With so much to gain from this, it’s a brilliant opportunity for your Podcast! We hope this gives you insight into another path you can take to get your Podcast out there!

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Natasha Moffet
January 27, 2022