Why you need to be a podcast guest

Why you need to be a guest on podcast?


Being a podcast guest is the best way to grow your brand and gain exposure

Being an expert guest on podcasts is the new best way to gain exposure to new audiences and establish yourself as an authority in your area. Podcasting is growing and growing in popularity, and where it was before great to be featured in Inc magazine, that has now been overtaken by podcasts.

So let’s break down exactly why podcasting is great for this.

  1. Gain exposure to new Audiences
  2. Establish your authority in an area to existing audiences

1. Gain exposure to new audiences:

Being on podcasts is hands down the best way to incrementally reach new audiences who are already interested in your area of expertise, while spewing your wisdom. By participating in different interviews you are introducing yourself to the other Podcast’s listeners and establishing a relationship with their host.

A pro tip is if you ensure you are being interviewed on a show that is similar to your own, touching on similar topics. This means you have adequate knowledge about what they discuss and can bring new ideas and perspectives to the conversation. Listeners will likely share the Podcast interview to friends, if you have interesting insights.

You can also boost your following on social media if you tie in some content from your pages within the discussion, igniting curiosity.

There are so many benefits to gaining exposure to new audiences, with a high enough following:

  • Worldwide fame! Okay maybe not this but you can be seen as an authority within the industry. (Which we will be discussing further in the next point, so keep reading!)
  • Become filthy rich! Growth can lead to high revenues, whether this be through your podcast (advertising) or through your brand. (every day selling)
  • Finally get the chance to be a popular kid! Or maybe more realistically, make good connections which can improve your Brand or Podcast.
  • Having more legitimacy, usually with a high following comes greater trust from newer audiences. They’ll be thinking “Well they must be good because why else would they have so many listeners?”
  • The more listeners you have, the more likely you will be featured on leadership boards or lists such as “top 10 most listened to Podcasts this year.” This is sure to encourage further growth!

2. Establish your authority in an area to existing audiences

To existing listeners, it’s a good idea to establish your authority, it means what you say is usually more trustworthy, and noteworthy to them! They perceive you to have value. Consider when you were a child, being taught by a teacher. Why were they seen as an authority to you? (that is if you were well behaved and didn’t confront them!) They had so much knowledge and you trusted that they would be able to teach you exactly what you needed to know to progress. It’s kind of similar to Becoming an authority in your niche.

Doing this has many benefits from standing out from competitors (this being either other Podcasts or businesses) to being taken seriously to having a shining reputation!

There are many ways you can do this alongside being a guest, such as:

  • Focus on a very specific topic of your niche, become the expert of this topic!
  • Spend time! Spend time learning about your topics, learning from others, understanding different perspectives, fully immerse yourself! To become an expert and thus an authority you need to know everything inside out, show the Podcast listeners what you know and your contribution!
  • Conduct research in the field, find your own data or something you can contribute. Or take existing data and try to provide new insights.
  • Create products based on your expertise. Maybe your expertise can be beneficial for starting a business, whether you sell a product or compile your own articles to produce a book, this is sure to assert some authority! I mean, how many people can say they wrote a book?!

For those who have just joined us and scrolled right to this last paragraph, welcome! So to recap, being a Podcast guest is so beneficial. Gaining exposure to new audiences means you can grow, this can allow you to gain a lot more opportunities, from monetization to more features on magazines or top 10 lists! Becoming an authority in your niche/ industry can mean you are trustworthy, listeners are more likely to trust your every word as knowledge and can make you truly stand out from the rest. You will be seen as someone with passion who truly knows and loves their subject.

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Natasha Moffet
March 20, 2022